How We Clean Common Areas

At Clean Casa, we understand the importance of clean and welcoming common areas where you can relax and spend quality time with your loved ones. Our dedicated team is committed to providing exceptional cleaning services for your common areas, ensuring they remain tidy, dust-free, and inviting.

We start by quickly organizing small items and prepping the area for dusting, creating a clutter-free environment. Our meticulous cleaners remove any unnecessary items and ensure that everything is in its proper place, setting the stage for a clean and organized space.

To eliminate any traces of dust or cobwebs, we thoroughly clean corners and ceiling areas, leaving your common areas looking fresh and pristine. We pay attention to detail by wiping down window ledges, ensuring they are free from dirt and dust buildup.

Our team takes care of dusting shelving, including books, decorations, and any other items. We use gentle techniques to ensure that each item is dust-free and beautifully displayed.

Flat surfaces, such as tables, countertops, and entertainment centers, are meticulously wiped down or dusted. We pay special attention to doorknobs and light switches, ensuring they are clean and sanitized.

Electronics in your common areas, such as the piano and TV, are given proper care. We use suitable cleaners, such as a glass cleaner for the TV screen, to wipe down and remove any smudges or fingerprints, leaving them looking shiny and pristine.

Glass surfaces, such as picture frames or glass tabletops, receive special attention. We use a glass cleaner to ensure they are crystal clear and free from any streaks or smudges.

Floor maintenance is an essential part of our common area cleaning service. We sweep the floor or vacuum if it is carpeted, removing any loose dirt or debris. If your common area has a hard surface floor, we mop it to ensure a clean and polished look.

Finally, we straighten cushions and pillows on couches or chairs, ensuring a neat and inviting appearance for your common areas.

At Clean Casa, we take pride in delivering exceptional common area cleaning services, transforming your shared spaces into welcoming environments. Our professional team uses high-quality cleaning products and equipment to ensure outstanding results. Contact us today to schedule our common area cleaning service and experience the Clean Casa difference.

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